Lesley Support and Stucture

Mission and Purpose

Lesley is passionate about personal growth and spirituality. These passions were the catalyst for a two decade long quest for Self Realization and the empowerment that results from being fully authentic. Her quest lead to the discovery of her true purpose in life: to assist others in the same transformative process. She now does this as a life coach.



Coaching with Lesley is about finding peace and joy; the ultimate result of letting go of the limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep us imprisoned by our mind. It begins with a truthful, non-judgmental self-assessment that makes it possible to eliminate the illusions that have kept you from being your authentic Self. Self awareness, self knowledge and self observation are the key components of this process. From these, awareness, presence and consciousness evolve. Limiting beliefs, fear, patterns and negative thoughts, which have been the cause of suffering and no longer serve the client, are released so the authentic Self is finally FREE. It is Truth that leads to freedom.

Lesley works with people who are ready to find what their heart is seeking and who are willing to commit to the coaching process. Coaching is done as a partnership between coach and client where Lesley facilitates, guides and supports the client through his or her journey of self discovery. This is done in individual and group telephone consultations, workshops, seminars and retreats. An initial complimentary coaching session is offered to determine if the partnership is a good fit.


Lesley has a B.A and B.E.D and is a graduate of the Coach U training program. Prior to becoming a coach, she taught at the elementary level for ten years. During this time, she developed a program called “Girl Talk” where she coached eleven and twelve year old girls on age relevant issues. Lesley has also worked in Japan as an English teacher, and has lead personal empowerment retreats in Canada and Japan. In addition to her coaching business,Lesley facilitates a weekly support group for women and men with eating disorders. She is working on her first book. She has also completed Reiki Part Three and is working towards her masters.