Lesley Support and Stucture

Life Coaching and Teaching


A Little Bit About My Journey……………

I began educating and advocating for children in the fall of 1999 when I started out at a public elementary school in Mississauga, Ontario.  I was excited and passionate about guiding children, and while working with them I felt alive, joyful and inspired.

Into my fourth year of teaching however, questions, doubts and uncertainty about my role in the education system began to supersede the excitement and passion.  I sensed that the demands and pressures to perform and conform, along with the high expectations I placed upon myself, were having a serious effect on my free spirited and fun loving nature.  Although I loved the kids, I knew that I needed some time to explore these relentless feelings and emotions.

After much thought and reflection, I decided that I would take the next year to teach and travel in Japan (a culture that had always appealed to me).  This year would be about self-discovery and exploration, as well as an opportunity to address the struggles, questions and uncertainties that continued to persist within my own psyche.

This 16 month long journey proved to be exactly what was needed in order to gain the awareness and self-understanding that was necessary in taking the next step in my life.  I realized that if I was going to teach, it had to be in an environment that was in direct alignment with my values and philosophies.  I also discovered that it was of great importance for me to advocate and support  children who were “tuning out”, becoming disengaged, or struggling with the system.

After returning from Japan, I enrolled in a Life Coaching program with Coach U.  It was here that I learned about the guiding and facilitating approach to one’s learning and self-discovery process.  I immediately saw the value of this style and believed that people would respond positively to being guided, as opposed to directed or talked at. During this time I also began studying the works of educational philosophers such as Carl Rogers, John Dewey and Reggio Emilia.

I decided that I would take my newly acquired skills and bring them into the classroom setting. I spent the next five years, once again, teaching for the public school board, while simultaneously establishing my coaching business.  The students and parents responded positively to this learner centered /guided facilitator approach and I experienced the tremendous benefits of integrating life coaching with teaching.   

It was during this last year of my teaching career that it became clear that my passion did not lie with teaching the three “R”s but rather the three “T”s: Transformation, Transcendence and Transference.  

I resigned from my full time position in June of 2009, and am currently working with those who are ready to wake up to who they truly are.




“The aim of education must be the training of independently acting and thinking individuals who, however, can see in the service to the community their highest life achievement.”                                              

-Albert Einstein