Happy Clients

I attended Lesley's workshop in the fall. It was the perfect setting to be listening to and talking about strategies to manage our lives with the right focus and priorities. The yoga was relaxing and it allowed me to relax and get into a quiet and reflective mind set. The power point presentation was very informative and we all had opportunities to interject with our thoughts, experiences and questions. The format was casual and I was comfortable to participate. A mutual feeling of trust was established quickly. The conversation among the group was interesting and helpful. We were a group of women who were aware that each of our lives has its share of challenges. We realized that we can build awareness and learn strategies to feel a little stronger about who we are and what our purpose in life is. The handouts provided have helped me to remember valuable information that was provided during the powerpoint presentation. I also like to review the handouts to reframe my thinking from time to time. The workshop was a great investment in my well being and personal growth. I would highly recommend it.


—Janice Niven, Oakville

Lesley, I must tell you that yesterday’s session “Step into Your Personal Power” was truly inspiring. It stirred up many emotions and thoughts for me; Who am I? How did I get here? Am I where I want to be? After hours of contemplating my life, I began making small changes. I look forward to growing. Thank you for planting the seed and sharing your gifts.


—Loraine, Oakville

My daughter benefited greatly from attending your weekly Girl Talk group. She found the sessions to be very empowering. Girl Talk allowed her to express her feelings and opinions in a non-judgmental environment, and helped her to improve her self esteem. In general, I think that you gave her the confidence to be able to tackle many of the obstacles that she faced in middle school and now, in high school.


—Kevin and daughter, Mississauga

Our kids always looked forward to their time with Lesley. It was like she somehow unburdened them by making learning fun and empowering them with creative methods to learn. She made a terrific impact and a lasting one by teaching not just school lessons, but confidence and an inner belief in their capacity to achieve.


—Cobi Ladner, mom and entrepreneur, www.cobistyle.com

Ms. Sardo was a hardworking staff member who was a strong advocate for children. She demonstrated a strong commitment to ensure that the needs of all students were met in a fair and equitable manner. Ms. Sardo was very empathetic when working with challenging children. She dealt with students in a calm and impartial manner, listened to their concerns, and always ensured their dignity was upheld. Ms. Sardo worked in partnership with staff and especially parents to order to ensure students were working to their potential. Parents appreciated her endless amounts of patience and goodwill towards their child.


—Margaret Patterson, Principal

I was fortunate to have attended one of Lesley's retreats in Toyohashi, Japan. I really appreciated the personalized teaching and attention. She had a special way of connecting with each one of us and meeting us where we were at. This retreat changed the way I approach my life. The workshop provided insights, warmth and love, and practical tools which continue to support me in my awakening. (And the food was delicious).


—Kate Campo, Santa Cruz, California